Since its founding in 1992, Australian Spotlight Protection has grown from a humble one-man business, to a manufacturing and production company supplying quality acrylic spotlight protectors to four-wheel-drive and truck enthusiasts around the world.

Australian Spotlight Protection has seen many changes to the fourwheel-drive industry, and many challenges to the market, including the introduction of low-quality foreign products. Yet, throughout it all, ASP has always been ready and willing to embrace change, dedicated to its customers and its product, and confident the quality and integrity of the product would always shine above the rest.

Australian owned and made, and proud, ASP is dedicated to the industry and has always, will always, continue to make the highest quality Spotlight Protectors on the market.


25 years on and the success of Australian Spotlight Protection is displayed on four-wheel-drive cars and trucks across the country, and in some countries in Europe and the UK.

Craig Jansz