Our Covers

Australian Spotlight Protection spotlight covers are manufactured out of Caloundra, in Queensland. Made from acrylic, they are 100% UV stabilised, meaning all clear covers will not discolour or deteriorate in the sun.

Strong and long lasting, ASP spotlight protectors are Australia’s number one for quality.



Australian Spotlight Protection stands by its products and that why we offer a 10 Year Clarity Guarantee for all our clear acrylic spotlight covers. Coloured colours, which are made from the same UV-stable acrylic, will maintain their colour, although may fade slightly over time.


cheap, foreign spotlight protectors might seem like a good idea at the time, but in little under a year that yellow stain on the front of your spotlight will begin to look like the money you spent, cheap and nasty.

The reason for this discolouration or “yellowing” boils down to the materials used to manufacture the spotlight cover, and in most cases it is polycarbonate – a product that is extremely sensitive to light and will discolour quickly under the harsh Australian sun.

Australian Spotlight Production uses Acrylic when manufacturing its spotlight covers, a 100% UV stabilised product that will not change colour, and to prove it, comes with a 10-year Clarity Guarantee.

The Acrylic used in the manufacturing of the spotlight protectors is  durable and long-lasting, will not break under heavy pressure and is resistant against heavy stones or chips.